Thai Cosmetic Surgery – A Drupal (gasp!) project from 2010

Thai Cosmetic Surgery – A Drupal (gasp!) project from 2010

I came across this old project of mine, a site made with Drupal in 2010 to promote cosmetic surgery in Thailand. Thought I would post it here, since my portfolio is a bit empty.

God, do I hate Drupal.

Sure, it’s very capable & the White House site is built on it, etc. But damn, what an ugly HTML Drupal produces. No fun for us front-enders.

Screenshot of carousel on TCS
An ubiquitous relic of 2010: the carousel.

My gripes with Drupal


I suppose most front-end developers are nowadays familiar with OOCSS and are not too scared to add an extra class name so our stylesheets are more maintainable. But Drupal, come on, a case of Classitis this bad? Go see a doctor.


While there can be good reasons to add more classes than strictly necessary, wrapping things in divs just to create unnecessary styling hooks is less excusable. Serious divitis! I spent a long time overriding loads of little templates to remove the cruft.

Shouldn’t it work the other way around? A simple HTML structure by default and make it more complex if needed?

Mix of procedural and OO

When looking at the source of Drupal core and its modules, there’s a wide range of coding styles. In one document you will see procedural and object oriented code sitting happily next to each other.

Screenshot of character on the homepage
A cute mascot, made by Jorris Verboon

And there’s more, a lot more… but suffice to say this was my last Drupal project.

Of course this was in 2010, things might have improved in the Drupal camp. If that’s the case, great! But I doubt I will ever be tempted to dive into Drupal again.

The project

But enough complaining. The project was quite fun to work on. It uses CSS3 extensively, which, at that time, was quite innovative for a larger “serious” site. I have used as a fallback for older browsers.

The site is fully bi-lingual. Actually here Drupal shines, at least compared to WordPress (which is truly horrible for internationalization).

Screenshot of mega drop down on TCS
The site, like many in 2010, features a mega drop down.

There’s a mega drop down, a carousel, a cute vector drawing by Jorris Verboon & everything is a bit glossy. 2010 style. Fun to see how fast styles change on the web.

Anyway, have a look at the site if you want to.