Monte Carlo Tailors – Sartorial fun with CodeIgniter & jQuery

Monte Carlo Tailors – Sartorial fun with CodeIgniter & jQuery

A “design-your-own-suit” application, built with CodeIgniter, jQuery and a smile on my face.

A couple of years ago I was tasked with designing and building a web application for a new on-line tailoring business: The Suit Makers. However, the owner got a job offer he couldn’t refuse and left the project mid-way.

His business partner contacted me a year later and we decided to revive the abandoned code and use it for his family’s tailoring business: Monte Carlo Tailors.

The Project

We kept as much of my original code as possible. But I made a fresh design & a improvements of the JavaScript based “design” interface. Building the framework for the latter was a lot of fun for me.

The application is built with CodeIgniter & jQuery. The main features are:

  • A “design” section. Design a suit, shirt or trousers.
  • A blog.
  • A simple e-commerce shop.
  • A back-end for managing the orders, fabrics, blog posts, etc.

There’s a flat shipping rate & all payments go through PayPal, so the e-commerce part is fairly simple.

Visit Monte Carlo tailors.