Hawthorn FC – Individual Development Plan

Hawthorn FC – Individual Development Plan

The coaches and players of Hawthorn FC—Melbourne’s Autralian Rules Football club— communicate partly through a little system I built on top of WordPress: The Individual Development Plan.

Hawthorn FC

Hawthorn FC (HFC) aka the Hawks is one of Melbourne’s additions to the Australian Football League. Previously I designed & built their “director’s portal”, a system used by the board of directors to share documents.

Individual Development Plan

Two years ago HFC asked me to build a Q&A system for communication between their coaches and players: the Individual Development Plan. The goal is for players to discuss with coaches about ways to improve their game, personal problems, etc. The idea is that both players and coaches can do this privately and in their own time.

Ratings & Charts

Hawthorn FC Charts
Ratings charts generated by Google Charts.

Later we extended it with ratings for each week, which are displayed in cute little charts using Google Charts API.

PDF reports

Once in a while, all the Q&As get sent to the higher-ups in HFC. For this I built a plugin. The plugin lets the administrator select the relevant time frame, players and coaches, the output is a PDF with the questions, the ratings and the charts. For creating these I used TCDPF, an open source PHP class for generating PDF documents.